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First XC Practice of 2017

So what does the first day of practice look like?

First day of XC practice today!!! See everyone at Franklin Park by the Rotary Pavilion at 5:15. Today will be a really easy practice because:

a) it is the first practice

b) there is still some smoke in the air.

If you haven't signed up yet, I'll have registration forms for you. What will practice look like:

5:15-5:30 Easy warmup for anyone that wants to jog ahead of time. 5:30-5:35 Easy 1/2 mile jog for full team 5:35-5:55 Drills and intro to XC 5:55-6:15 Small workout we like to call X's & O's 6:15-6:30 We break up into two groups with previous runners going to Coach Casey for goal setting for the year. Everyone else with Coach Erik for games. 6:30 We are done and everyone gets popsicles.

As of now the air quality index is 51, we are going to run if it is 100 or less as a general FYI. If it does by chance go above 100, we wont be running but will do a meet and greet this afternoon with popsicles.

If you have further questions we love it if you post to this thread so the other parents can see the questions and answers. You can always give me a call or text as well at 509-941-5191.

Go Harriers!!!

Coach Erik