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Three training groups for all Harriers

Coach Casey leading stretching last year at our first practice

How do practices work and what group does my child fit in?

We have always had different groups of Harriers at practice.

Orange Group–Coach Aleah's group strive to learn the basics of running XC, build fitness, have fun, and play a few games. These kids wouldn’t mind running in a meet but only if there is a special prize like a ribbon or ice cream afterwards. Most kids range in age from 4-9. If your child is five or under, parent must practice with the child. (Only practices Monday & Wednesday). If your child is seven or under, this is the place to start them.

Black Group–Coach Erik helps these harriers start to think about being serious about running but still never forgets about the game and popsicle at the end of practice. Age range for this group is 6-12. This groups practices Monday & Wednesday and Friday is an optional practice.

Yellow Group–Former University of Oregon XC Duck, Coach Casey helps these harriers develop speed and endurance to run fast and compete well. This group is designed for runners interested in competing in USATF local and regional meets and maybe even the national meet. This group meets the full-season and practices Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

A few other things about groups. For the most part, they are speed centered based on pace. On a good number of our interval days we will move children back in groups if they cannot keep up throughout practice. This is one of the main reasons why we have three groups so there is always a group for everyone to run.

Kids can always change groups at anytime, first practice we usually split kids up via age and then move them around based on how they are doing. We try to push them but not discourage them. If you are unsure what group to have your young Harrier start our recommendation would be if they are seven and under to start in the Orange group. If they are eight and older, start them in the black group. Then based on workouts we can move them around.

Looking forward to the first official practice September 11th. Also, if you turn in your registration and money before September 1st, you receive a $5 discount!

Cheers, Coach Erik