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Most important Links

Your most important link: Facebook ( This is our primary method of communication. If you are not on Facebook, please find a trusted friend who can relay important information if it shows up here.

Second: ( This is where all of our meets and results are stored.

Third: ( This is where we post workouts for out-of-town runners and look at runners journals. If your child is a minor, feel free to join yourself. This is a very helpful place for coaches to look at how runners are feeling if they start to get aches and pains from too much training.

Secondary Links

Sun City’s Website ( This is the best place to go to steer new athletes to our page.  This website is only updated a few times a year so do not go here if you are looking for current information.  We will have registration posted here for new athletes.

Gear Up ( This is where you go to order your uniforms.  This is current as of 2019. If you have an old uniform and plan on running Junior Olympics, you will need a new uniform. Coach Erik will have size samples to try on the last week of September. Shipping time is about 14 days so please plan accordingly. This is also great if you want other gear with Sun City logos on it for parents or sweats.

USATF ( This is where you go to get your USATF card.  Everyone must have a card if you are running in the post-season.  They run $20 and are good for a full year.  If you don’t have one yet, wait until November 1st because it will then be good for all of 2020 as well too.

PayPal Don’t want to pay by check or cash, you can pay any meet fees with a credit card/debit card/bank account on our paypal page.  Please also follow up with an email to so we can link your payment with what you bought though.

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